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Youngest author to set another World Record for her second book

Youngest author to set another World Record for her second book
on Apr 21, 2021
Youngest author to set another World Record for her second book

Abhijita Gupta, a child prodigy, has been acknowledged with the title of the youngest author by the World Book of Records, United Kingdom and India book of records.

Abhijita who is not even 8 year-old has achieved this title for her Non-Fiction work on pandemic titled ‘We Will Surely Sustain’- comprising her views on COVID-19 and its effect on children. World Book of Records, United Kingdom is a leading organization in international certification for appreciating, authenticating, and adjudicating records, honors, listing, and events which can be termed as activities of world standard. Abhijita has penned two books to date and is also the first Indian child to sign a deal with a known publisher for her four upcoming books. Her first book named ‘Happiness all around’ was an anthology of short stories and poems with illustrations for which she has bagged 3 records. The world’s youngest author has received various titles to be recognized as the youngest author to write poetry and prose as per the India Book of Records. The Asia Book of Records has conferred on her title of the ‘Grandmaster in Writing’. The maximum of her writing took place in the period of the pandemic. She began writing at the tender age of five and her books are now being much-admired among kids. She has also prepared a song highlighting the encouraging aspects of nature and climate to be released on the occasion of Earth Day, 2021. Also read : https://www.frontlist.in/new-book-offers-an-insider-account-into-the-workings-of-indian-media/ “I am very happy to receive this title. I want to make my parents proud with my writing. I like to write and feel happy when readers get inspired through my books and poems,” says Abhijita Gupta. “We were amazed to see our child’s determination to spread positivity about the fear of coronavirus among children of her age. Abhijita is a pride of our family and to be known by her name is like a dream come true. Besides, we will always support and encourage her to pursue all her dreams in life,” said proud parents of Abhijita. Abhijita lives in Ghaziabad with her parents, her father being a Chartered Accountant and her mother, an engineer turned entrepreneur. Creativity is in her blood as she is a third generation of the renowned poet to writer duo- Rashtrakavi Shri Maithilisharan Gupt and Sant Kavi Shri Siyaramsharan Gupt. Source: https://theprint.in/

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