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Frontlist | ‘Writing is something I do regularly’

Frontlist | ‘Writing is something I do regularly’
on Jan 14, 2021
Frontlist | ‘Writing is something I do regularly’
All OF 15 years old, is already a prolific writer, having written 15 novels on the Wattpad app. Not content to make the rest of us look bad already, she has since published Stuck in Paris, which is being retailed by Amazon across eight countries. “It first started off just by reading loads of books which are similar to the ones I write, mainly focusing on the romance, YA (young adult) novels. I thought to try writing one and then another, and eventually writing became something I do regularly and enjoy doing a lot,” says Nikki Khanna. While writing is both a hobby as well as a career for Khanna, she notes, “I am really interested in makeup as well, but as of now I am really just exploring my hobbies and enjoying my time doing what I like.” For inspiration, “I read a lot of romance books by a lot of known authors such as Christina Lauren and Colleen Hoover. I take a lot of inspiration from them,” confesses the young adult. Speaking about Stuck in Paris, she says, “This book focuses on two very distant characters that go to Paris for a school trip and a romance blossoms from there on. I have another book, Perfect Strangers, which follows the storyline of two strangers meeting in a cafe and stirring up feelings for each other, and another book named When In Rome which focuses on two strangers meeting in Rome.” Stuck In Paris is one of her favourites because “I came up with the idea, while I was on vacation there, and that’s also one of my first books that got really popular with my readers,” she adds. Like any prolific author, she is focussed on her next work. “I am currently exploring different tropes within romance, so as of now I am writing a book on royalty and a prince meets princess sort of romance. It’s a new field for me and I am excited to see how my readers respond.” Signing off, Nikki says, “When I first told my dad Anuj about my passion for writing, he told me the pen is the biggest power in the world and advised me to use it wisely. My mother also always encouraged me. They are my first readers and the reason why I am a young author.” Source: newindianexpress

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