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#WorldEarthDay: Restore the earth, fashionably

#WorldEarthDay: Restore the earth, fashionably
on Apr 22, 2021
#WorldEarthDay: Restore the earth, fashionably
On the occasion of World Earth Day on April 22 we spoke to a few unique fashion industry people who are into sustainable outfits, footwear and jewellery. “Sustainable fashion, in my opinion, is an oxymoron because fashion by definition encourages constant consumption. While almost all consumer brands want you to buy more, the fashion industry is more problematic because it keeps changing trends and stimulating demand. I'd recommend everyone to buy less, wear more, take care of their clothes so that they last longer, donate clothes, educate themselves on the fabrics and processes, and support eco-conscious brands,” says Vivek Agarwal, from Ookioh that makes modern swimwear from 100 per cent regenerated material. This year's Earth Day theme - Restoring The Earth - is as important as caring for our planet. Vivek adds, “While we must stop the environment from getting worse, it is crucial that we restore Earth to an earlier condition — To a time where industrialization and consumption hadn't taken a dramatic toll on our ecosystem and climate. Restoration is the critical process that would make Earth inhabitable for future generations. Sustainable fashion is a habit we inculcate in our lifestyle say people in the fashion industry.Ruchi Sally from Melissa India that has recyclable and vegan footwear explains, “When we start living with a conscious mindset of calculating an impact of our actions to the society or planet, that’s the first step towards sustainability. Be it an individual or an organisation or brand, we can do our bit by sticking to whatever we choose and make it the way of our living or supply chain. Choose any element to get into a sustainable lifestyle/product cycle but the restoration of earth lies in continuously practising that tiny step and go deep into it. Whatever you do, keep doing to make the planet better than before. The restoration also lies in understanding that the product cycle and their supply chain need to be revisited with a conscious effort of balancing between commercial earnings and sustainable production. It is important to keep re-checking the use of every element that makes the entire process more sustainable.” With the entire world moving towards conscious consumption, sustainability has come at the forefront of decision making for the fashion industry as well.
Vandana Jagwani from Vandals, that is among India’s first designer lab grown diamond jewellery boutique says, “As an industry that caters to everyone, and that every single person is a consumer of, it is our responsibility to make sure that we source, produce and sell ethically. Alongside this, we also need to spread awareness about sustainable practices adopted by various labels and brands, so as to ensure that consumers are aware of the fact that what they buy contributes to conserving the planet. With this year's theme being - Restore The Earth, we must adopt the concept of slow fashion to minimize the waste that is generated. We need to take these small but important steps to try and restore the planet’s natural balance, and ultimately help humankind.”
Source: timesofindia 

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