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World Book Day 2021: From fiction to autobiographies – how books can help your child in the pandemic

World Book Day 2021: From fiction to autobiographies – how books can help your child in the pandemic
on Apr 23, 2021
World Book Day 2021: From fiction to autobiographies – how books can help your child in the pandemic

World Book Day 2021: Types of books for your child  |  Photo Credit: iStock Images

World Book Day 2021 is being celebrated today – April 23, 2021. With the pandemic raging through the country, the significance of books has increased manifold. A good book has the ability to not merely broaden the horizons of your child but also add to the overall development of his mental equity. Unlike a video content, a book helps the student develop his/her language centres, improves the creativity, is lighter on the eyes and provides a variety of content. With the pandemic, and classes online, a book is an excellent source to cancel out the screen time while helping the child continue with learning. But how to chose? Which book to use to initiate your child?

Types of Books that are right for your child

  1. Fiction: This is perhaps the best genre to start your child on. Especially for the early beginners. Illustrated short stories are perfect to initiate small children of age group 2 and above where the parent could read the story to them. There are also musical and audible books available, that narrate the small story when the child turns the page. For students who are able to read, the books are available as per the age. Short stories, comics and small novellas are all available and parents are advised to choose a variety of content to help the child begin with this all important habit.
  2. Biographies: Autobiographies and biographies are an excellent source of inspiration. These books, based on the interest areas of your child, could help him/ her find motivation as well as passion for the subject. These, however, are for children who are already avid readers. Age appropriate biographies of leaders of science, art and drama could all be a great choice.
  3. Encyclopaedias/ Science books: There are numerous books available which can help your child improve his/her understanding of the things around them. From illustrated encyclopaedias to how things work. These are exceptionally helpful and would innately assist students develop a STEM based aptitude. Just browse through the many labels available and start small. These can begin from your children and once started, there is no end for it.
At the end, no matter which book you begin, the fact remains that it has to be a book. While eBooks are excellent, they are not recommended for children who cannot read. Also, a traditional book ensures that your child learns the art of jumbling out the meanings, learns patience and so on. Plus, the feel of the paper and weight of the book would all help your child build associations. So, as the pandemic rages, gift your child the wonderful world of books – to help him/her heal and be ready for a better tomorrow. Happy Reading! Source: timesnownews 

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