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Words Matter Publishing Launches the Publishers Choice Book Awards Program

Introducing Publisher's Choice Book Awards by Words Matter Publishing, a unique program recognizing literary excellence worldwide.
on May 24, 2024
Words Matter Publishing Launches the Publishers Choice Book Awards Program | Frontlist

Words Matter Publishing is pleased to announce the start of the Publisher's Choice Book Awards, a one-of-a-kind project that recognizes the hard work and originality of authors all over the world. Tammy Corwin, the founder and proprietor of Words Matter Publishing, created this initiative to highlight excellent literary works in all genres.

In a bold endeavor to alter the traditional book awards framework, the Publisher's Choice Book Awards welcomes authors to enter their published works, providing them with a forum where their books do not compete with others in their genre. Instead, each submission is assessed on its own merits, ensuring a fair and profound recognition of the author's work.
"Each book has its own voice and message. "At Words Matter Publishing, we believe in recognizing and celebrating this uniqueness," stated Tammy Corwin. "While we cannot publish every author, we can surely give them a chance to shine. This program is designed to elevate authors and help them stand out in the crowded industry."

Award Benefits:
Winners of the Publisher's Choice Book Awards will be given a distinctive seal to display on their books, indicating quality and distinction. They will also receive a certificate, which they can proudly exhibit at literary events. Authors can select a custom-engraved trophy to commemorate their writing achievements.
The respected Publisher's Choice Magazine will highlight these award-winning authors' works, increasing their visibility even more. They will also participate on a dedicated television show highlighting their journey and writing, providing unprecedented exposure to a large audience.

Program Details and Submission
The Publishers Choice Book Awards welcome authors from throughout the world to submit their books. The submission process, together with complete information regarding the criteria and deadlines, can be found at https://publisherschoicebookawards.com/.
"This awards program is unique. "There is no greater honor for an author than the endorsement of a publisher," Corwin remarked. "Being recognized with the Publisher's Choice Award means that a book has reached an incredible standard of excellence, as acknowledged directly by industry professionals."

About Words Matter Publishing.
Words Matter Publishing is at the vanguard of independent publishing, committed to empowering authors and bringing their stories to life. Under Tammy Corwin's imaginative direction, Words Matter Publishing continues to revolutionize the literary world, influencing both authors and readers.

The Publishers Choice Book Awards are more than just an award; they represent authors' passion and Words Matter Publishing's commitment to recognizing and promoting literary talent around the world.

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