Penny said: “This is more of a holistic book, a set of ideas, we don’t give advice we present ideas that are based on evidence-based research.

“We don’t say there was theory here we think that – every we do is based on evidence from cancer research.”

Much of book the focuses on recipes developed by Penny, alongside a unique ‘thumbs up guide’ which presents nutrition people will receive in a particular meal.

“I cook every recipe 100 or 200 times, I’ve a small army now of friends, family and volunteers – men and women – that are patients themselves that are a part of our research, they take on these recipes and give feedback,” Penny said.

“Barbara and I look at that feedback, sometimes they change the recipe completely and sometimes they improve them.”

Penny developed her knowledge of the right foods for cancer patients to eat after she met her husband Simon Hawkins while he was battling bowel cancer.

He said: “She kept me alive, giving me the right food and the right nutrition until I could have ground-breaking surgery. Surgeons afterwards said: ‘you could write a book so other people can benefit’.

“This book is being promoted by the breast cancer units in our area as being an extremely important resource for breast cancer patients during this difficult time. The delays caused by Covid mean that it is essential that all breast cancer patients keep as fit and as well as possible.”

The latest publication is the third book Penny has written, the first Chemo Cookery Club – which continues to be popular – and the second, Around the Kitchen Table has been translated into French, German, Italian and Russian. It has been given to over 100,000 patients and carers.

Penny is not the only author, as Simon, who is now in remission and with the help of Penny keeping his strength up, has written a book alongside professional golfer Peter Dawson. The book Now for the Back Nine is full of tips of the senior golfer.