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Well-known Mexican author to speak at UTPB

Well-known Mexican author to speak at UTPB
on Mar 30, 2021
Well-known Mexican author to speak at UTPB
Author, essayist and short story author Geney Beltran Felix will be speaking at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the University of Texas Permian Basin Library Lecture Hall, room 002. Antonio Moreno, coordinator of the master’s program for Spanish at UTPB, bought Beltran Felix to Odessa. The presentation is titled “A Serious Problem of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Violence Against Women in Mexican Literature.” An Increase of 136.1 percent in femicides has been seen in Mexico from 2015-19, according to the poster for the event. He is a creative writing teacher at the Foundation for Mexican Literature in Mexico City, where he lives. “I am a novelist and I also write essays and do research on Mexican literature. I have written essays about female writers in Mexico in the 20th century and one of the topics is violence against women,” Beltran Felix said. He said the lecture will talk about the representation of violence against women in the work of female Mexican writers. Beltran Felix has long been interested in the subject of violence against women. He wrote a novel about a young girl who was abducted and raped in a small town in northwestern Mexico when he was a child called Adiós, Tomasa. Beltran Felix said the novel was based in a true story he learned about when he was 9. “During the last few years. I wrote a book of essays about Mexican short story writers and I chose some female writers, especially because they were dealing with this topic and what I found was that violence has many faces. The worst ones are physical and sexual violence against women, but female writers ... portray the other faces of violence against women. For example, psychological or verbal violence in family relationships, or in love relationships ..., Beltran Felix said. “I will speak about some ... female writers that portrayed the conflict of fathers and daughters, husbands and wives, of lovers, or brothers and sisters in which women were always at a disadvantage,” he added. Moreno said Beltran Felix is one of the most important Mexican authors of his generation. “He’s a novelist. He’s an essayist and he’s a short story writer,” Moreno said. “His reflections will help us to scrutinize, or see, some Mexican literary production in the last decade ... He emphasizes the roles of women, the roles of society ...” Source: https://www.oaoa.com/

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