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We Will Overcome This Crisis: says Hugo Setzer IPA President

We Will Overcome This Crisis: says Hugo Setzer IPA President
on Apr 07, 2020
We Will Overcome This Crisis: says Hugo Setzer IPA President
The world is going through the crisis because of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are lockdowns in different countries as people need to stay inside their home to prevent the growth of coronavirus. Hugo Setzer, President of International Publishers Association, talks about this challenging time for the global publishing industry. He said, You are not alone. We belong to this great international publishers’ family. We are in this together, together also with our authors, with the booksellers, and together we will come out of this. He added that together we can overcome the crisis. In these challenging times, the role of a publisher is more important than ever. It's the time to bring knowledge, entertainment and other information to the readers through the books. People are staying home and avoiding the socialization to fight back with coronavirus. In this time, Books give us opportunities to dream and to travel to another place by just sitting at one.   International Setzer requests for the participation and engagement of the readers. He said that publishers are here for you all but they also need the support from the reader's side. He also added, IPA will continue to represent and defend publishers’ interests around the world. We will continue to convince policymakers of the importance of copyright as an enabler of creativity and innovation, while at the same time fighting for our freedom to publish whatever we think appropriate. IPA is also appealing to national and regional governments to ensure all those in the publishing value chain are supported.

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