Vedic science, Vaastu in MP’s new vocational curriculum

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Vedic knowledge is at the core of the new vocational education syllabus being framed by the Madhya Pradesh higher education department, officials said.

The new curriculum will have special focus on Vedic Karmkand (rituals), Jyotishi (astrology), Vedic science and Vastu Shastra (a mix of architecture and spirituality). This is apart from other vocational courses such hotel management, dietary science and physical training.

“Two vocational subjects will be mandatory for students. One will be generic and other specialised,” said a state education department official who asked not to be named.

Confirming the changes being made, another officer of the department said that in generic subjects, students will learn about the rich ancient knowledge of India along with basics of subjects such as physics, chemistry, math and biology.

“By reading from many ancient books and the vedas, students will realise that Indian saints were intelligent and discovered so many things centuries ago,” the second officer added, asking not to be named.

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