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Frontlist | Ukraine bans import of 6 books from Russia

Frontlist | Ukraine bans import of 6 books from Russia
on Jan 04, 2021
Frontlist | Ukraine bans import of 6 books from Russia
The State Committee of Ukraine for Television and Radio Broadcasting in 2020 banned the import of six books into Ukraine from Russia because of “the propaganda of the aggressor state and the communist totalitarian regime and its symbols”. In particular, according to the response of the Committee to a request of Interfax-Ukraine, in 2020, the list of Russian printed products, the import of which was refused, included six books. Thus, no permission has been given to import, for the purpose of selling, three children’s books by the Russian Azbooka-Atticus publishing house: book entitled “Transport” of the series “Developing a Baby,” the book “Piggy bank of invaluable knowledge: Inventions, Facts, Discoveries” and the book “Why the sky is blue?” (by Erik Matiyev). The list also includes three books of the Mosaic-Synthesis publishing house by Daria Denisova: two editions of the book “Time, Space” and the book “School of the Seven Dwarfs. Literacy Lessons.” Thus, at present, this list contains 274 titles of printed products from Russia, the import of which was refused. As reported, in 2019, the Committee refused the import of Russian printed products into Ukraine more than 2,000 times, including because of the anti-Ukrainian content of 151 publications.
  Source: Kyiv Post

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