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Frontlist | Tricia Harper's new book is a poignant novel

Frontlist | Tricia Harper's new book is a poignant novel
on Feb 02, 2021
Frontlist | Tricia Harper's new book is a poignant novel
Tricia Harper, a New Jersey native with a lifelong passion for music, writing, and art in general, is now living in Pennsylvania waiting for God to guide her to her next location. She has completed her new book Life's a Dream: Dead or Alive: a gripping and potent story based on true events that keeps the pages turning until its dramatic conclusion. Harper writes, Violet is living life to the fullest even with a rare form of epilepsy. Although hard to control completely two grand mal seizures a month as opposed to either at least one, grand mal, petite mal, dizzy spell, or blackout every day, is beyond a dream come true for her! She's coming so far in her college writing class. One of her biggest dreams is to become an author! Out of nowhere, sometimes now, she just starts writing things/ideas down, for her book. She's also waiting for the painting she has just finished to dry completely. It's her favorite band's symbol. It's Bon Jovi's! She's planning on mailing it to them. What she hasn't planned on is having to be put in a coma. Every day she's living life, loving it and is so thankful for John and the kids, all her family, her best friend Trina, her friends, her dreams, how far she's come, everything she has now and still to live for. Maybe not everything is as it should or could be, but that doesn't hold her back or stop her. The way Violet sees it is, what's more important? Complaining about life's hardships and letting them get the best of her, or standing strong, reaching for the stars, and never giving up on life?
Published by Page Publishing, Tricia Harper's engrossing tale is an excellent choice for avid dramatic fiction readers.   Source: 69 News 

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