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Top 5 Books About the Southern U.S.

Top 5 Books About the Southern U.S.
on Apr 07, 2021
Top 5 Books About the Southern U.S.

Light in August

If The Sound and the Fury made a strong impression on you, then move on to another work by a classic of American literature, Light in August. This is an excellent modernist novel in the Southern Gothic genre, gripping and complex. The action is set in a fictional town in Mississippi, but the plot is difficult to recount in a nutshell. Murder, passion, dangerous liaisons, and the mesmerizing bleakness of everyday life… the novel has everything to fully immerse you in the atmosphere of the magical American South.

To Kill a Mockingbird

This novel is somehow considered a children's one, but you'll have a terrific reading experience no matter how old you are. The main characters, Jean and her brother Jim, play with other children, banter with their neighbors, and at the same time watch the dramatic trial unfold of a black guy accused of abusing a white woman. Although the poor guy is not guilty of anything, the adults, infected with racism and hatred, refuse to understand it. Only a child's pure and wise perspective allows us to look at this story and society as a whole from a different angle.

The Help

Kathryn Stockett's debut novel instantly made her a popular author and was perfectly adapted in 2011. t's the 1960s, Mississippi: two maids and two white girls live completely different lives and pursue different goals, but they have one thing in common - an acute sense of injustice and a desire to change something in this world. The characters of the characters are bright, three-dimensional and detailed, and the plot drags from the first pages. One of the best books about girl power and emerging feminism.

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

Fannie Flagg is not only a writer but also a popular 1980s comedienne and actress. She wrote this book full of love, pain, fears and hopes. The main character opens the cafe in a small town, where different people are constantly coming in and where strange stories are happening. The cafe becomes the center of her exciting life filled with emotions and incidents in spite of the fact that the events may seem insignificant at first glance, and the action takes place in a sleepy little town. It's a cozy little world you want to immerse yourself in and stay in for a long time.

The Bluest Eyes

In this book, Toni Morrison discusses the racism that enslaves people's minds. The main character is an African American girl, Picola. She lives in a small town, has family and friends, and also has many experiences with racial prejudice. For example, the principal does not consider herself beautiful because in the 1940s in the United States beauty was only “white”.

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