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Top 10 Books to Read for Every Aquarius

Top 10 Books to Read for Every Aquarius
on Sep 09, 2020
Top 10 Books to Read for Every Aquarius
Books for Aquarius borns! The free spirited Aquarius are born between January 21 to February 20. Aquarius believes in making this world a better place. They are thinkers, independent souls with the Mantra 'I know'.  An Aquarius always offers a hand of help to others. They are the believers of humanity. They are progressive and original people. Aquarius is an air sign which symbolizes the use of their quick mind for every opportunity.  Aquarius-borns are intellectuals who crave for interesting conversations with open minded people. Sometimes, they leave an image of a cold and insensitive person but that is just their defence mechanism to deal with emotions. The Aquarians are commonly interested in technology hence they are known as techno freaks. They love to engage their mind in computer gaming, puzzles, suffering the internet etc.  They are also very much interested in gaining knowledge from reading as well.  Frontlist booklist has few suggestions for Aquarians to spend some time with a good read. Here are the top read books for Aquarius.  An Aquarius is always interested in the social causes and making society a better place. This book is just the right choice for an Aquarian to understand a major part of society, 'intersex'. A book which beautifully narrates the struggles of being the part of 'abnormality' in society The book narrates the story of an ordinary girl who made some extraordinary decisions and trusted her own heart. As the Aquarius are independent souls, who always follow the path of their heart, this story can make them feel the exact emotions of the protagonist as it's too relatable to them.  The story is about a girl who always tries to do the right thing just as our Aquarians! A simple story about a kind girl that can touch every Aquarius heart!  It is a powerful book to read which sends a message in society that a person should be brave enough to speak up if something is not right. The book addresses a difficult subject of society and the saying of, 'boys will be boys'.  A graphic novel that narrates the story of a sci-fi fantasy world which has dragons and other creatures in it. The story is about Nimona, a shapeshifter who is on a mission. This could be a perfect books for Aquarius read for the creative minds. The story is about a girl who lost her parents in a car crash then she shifts to her cruel aunt's place to lead her life. The novel is about discovering who you are and how to live your life in hard circumstances. The book is about self love! The story sends an important message of why self love is important? Why accepting your body is important? Why accepting who you are and what you are is important? The story will definitely steal every Aquarian's heart. The world is chanting the words, Black Lives Matter, the story is related to the same cause. A sixteen-year-old girl whose best was killed by a police officer in front of her eyes. The book narrates the story of friends and enemies. Sometimes a friend could be a hidden enemy too. The story of choice between love without truth or life without trust.  The tale of adventures of a young girl who has no parents but a horse who lives at her porch. The exciting story of her surviving in the world without any guidance.  The Aquarians can enjoy reading these reads which can be the intellectual juice for their nerdy brains.

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