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"To Nature, With Love" By The Times Of India: Book Review

on Apr 26, 2022
To Nature, With Love

To Nature, With Love is a collection of 230 articles written by the world's top scientists, intellectuals, environmentalists, and business leaders who shared their research, discoveries, and solutions with Times Evoke and ET Evoke, two visionary journals from The Times Group.

Our Earth has existed way before we came into existence. There are a lot of natural processes & they are beautifully indulged in every part of the planet. These chosen viewpoints address the condition of the environment, the problems posed by global warming, the biodiversity issue, and the consequences of ecological degradation for our world. What is Jaw-Dropping is how every life on this planet is interrelated & by endangering them we are also endangering ourselves. Throughout history, we have perceived nature as an ATM for resources & without thinking of the future outcomes exploited it to our fullest extent & these outcomes are coming to bite us back. As a civilization, we have drifted further away from our nature’s roots.

These enlightening pieces, which are rich in facts and knowledge, also detail several innovative ideas to help lessen human impacts on the environment, develop sustainability, and deepen humanity's fundamental relationship with nature. This book tries to explore the whole Earth & all its living beings. The size of the domain is devastating. This read will evoke your appreciation for the planet & will motivate you to fulfill your duties as a part of this large ecosystem.

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