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Frontlist | Tips and tricks on building your library collection

Frontlist | Tips and tricks on building your library collection
on Feb 02, 2021
Frontlist | Tips and tricks on building your library collection
No matter how many times I step through the doors of a library, I always marvel at the feeling of being surrounded by so many books. The bookshelves encircle me in their warm embrace. I relish the sheer delight of exploring the passageways between shelves, as the flashy covers of books on display lure me further into the labyrinth. Enveloped in endless possibilities, I debate with pleasure which book world I want to get lost in next. Now that I work in a library, I immerse myself in book reviews as much I do books. Selecting new books to order has become one of my favorite roles; I love the delicious challenge of helping build our library collection. Want to learn more about building your school, public, or home library collection? Check out these tips and tricks for how to build your library collection below! BUILD YOUR LIBRARY COLLECTION: HOW TO GET STARTED Too many books, too little time. One challenge in collection development is the sheer amount of books out there. It can feel overwhelming sometimes ciphering through all of the options. Libraries have budgets to follow and have to review new books with careful consideration before deciding to purchase. Another challenge can arise when librarians choose books based solely off personal preferences. I’d highly suggest reading this Rioter’s thought-provoking deep dive into issues such as these in public library collection development. Fortunately, there are tools librarians can use to help them make thoughtful and informed decisions when building library collections.

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