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Three-day Book Fair Begins in Islamabad

Discover the Islamabad Book Fair, fostering reading interest & community engagement. Explore seminars, activities, & environmental initiatives.
on Apr 24, 2024
Three-day Book Fair Begins in Islamabad | Frontlist

The fair, held at Islamabad Public Library, aimed to encourage interest in reading.

The opening ceremony included a spirited literary walk led by Muhammad Aqib Daniyal, president of The Pakistan Ideological Civilization, which set the tone for a day of book-related activities, according to Chief Commissioner Office spokeswoman Nouman Nazim.

Following a walk, ICT Director-General Asim Ayub, accompanied by Library Department Director-General Muhammad Arshad, visited the various book kiosks, interacted with guests, and guided library workers.

During his speech, Ayub praised the Library Department's efforts to promote reading and urged them to keep creating a friendly environment for library users. He assured guests that the administration will assist the Library Department in giving the finest possible facilities for readers.

Aside from the book fair, DG Asim Ayub and Prof Dr Muhammad Ziaul Haq (Tamgha-i-Imtiaz) planted a sapling as part of a tree-planting effort, demonstrating the event's overall commitment to community and environmental responsibility.

The book fair also featured a lecture titled "Read Your Way," where guest speakers and prominent guests discussed the value of reading. The seminar finished with a ceremony in which DG Arshad gave shields and awards to those who contributed to the occasion.

Throughout the three-day event, additional seminars will be held, with famous academics and literary luminaries invited to share their thoughts. The book fair provided a unique chance for readers in Islamabad to network, explore new books, and participate in community activities that promote both literature  and sustainability, the spokesman added.

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