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The Story of Indian Philosophy By Dr. Prasanna Chandra Gautam : Book Review

on Jul 19, 2022
The Story of Indian Philosophy

Written by Dr. Prasanna Chandra Gautam, "The Story of Indian Philosophy" is a distilled version of the extensive Indian literature on the subjects it covers. This has been presented accurately, objectively, and articulately for millennia. It is a brief overview of our heritage aimed at younger and more modern generations and is a neat encapsulation of Indian Philosophical theories. 

The author has divided the book into 23 chapters that discuss the various stages of Indian civilisation and their evolution. The book teaches us ancient wisdom and the fundamentals of Hindu philosophy and civilization, and it also throws light on the teachings of various philosophers.

Prasanna Gautam, the author of this book, has attempted to show us the teachings of Indian Philosophy on the modern concept of "Quality of Life." This book also discusses Nyaya, the Vedas, Tantras, Brahmasutra, Upanishads, Nihilism, Buddhism, and many more. Most importantly, he underlines the two medieval epics - Ramayana and Mahabharata. 

However, apart from attempting to make this a simple read, the author hoped that this vast knowledge could provide some answers to the ills of their time. This book was written to demonstrate that philosophy reflects thoughts that have evolved from the beginning to the present, and this could pave the way for future generations to leave the world in better shape for their children.

This book is a must-read for a better understanding of Indian philosophy and has a polite and appropriate format. It provides the younger and more modern generation with a more accurate and clear picture of their lifestyle. This book provides valuable information and insights regarding Hindu philosophy and civilization.

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