The publishing industry is moving digital in Lockdown

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The number of Covid-19 infected cases is rising day by day in India. The country has entered the fourth phase of lockdown but with some new rules. The Covid-19 pandemic has driven the world towards the digital era. As people are advised to stay at their homes and avoid socialization. Books are always the best escape plan from boredom.


In this lockdown, ebooks have taken over every reader’s reading device. The essence of a hard book will always be in the mind of a reader but by looking at the current situation, we can easily state that ebooks are proven as the biggest helping source in this lockdown.


The publishers are launching ebooks to keep readers engaged. Penguin publishing house India and HarperCollins India have published new books on their digital platforms. 


Digital reading platforms have given a whole ocean of choices to readers. Also, publishers are focusing on audio files of books. The publishing industry is expanding its wings for book lovers and providing them the best reading material. 

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