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‘The Mantra and Meaning of Success’ by Rajesh Talwar: Book Review

on Feb 28, 2022
Book Review

‘The Mantra and Meaning of Success’ by Rajesh Talwar is a non-fiction book which guides you throughout the journey of knowing what true meaning of success is all about.

The Mantra and meaning of success is an epitome of insightful details which will question your understanding of Creativity and also compares it with material success?

Rajesh has rightfully given examples of most of the famous celebrities  such as Mario Puzo, Michael Jackson, Deepika Padukone etc to let the audience know the real meaning of Material success and also tries to change the perception of mistaking their creativity with their success.

Questions like “Is kindness important for success, or should one be ruthless?” and “Is Bill Gates a success - in the world of charity?” will trigger you with a lot of mind blowing facts and imagination. The book contains tips and tricks of becoming successful and how to retain the success. Two of the tips that were really intriguing were “Listen carefully!  And Don’t overdo your adherence to the truth!”

Key issues such as the importance of being coached or mentored are specifically raised in the book with other issues such as The importance of passion, persistence and patience.

The importance of being kind is an ultimate trait that one needs to have in order to not only get material success but also to live life peacefully and positively.

Rajesh has also talked about his life experiences, meetings with different kinds of people who are coming from different backgrounds as a way to explain his story.

If you really are inspired to create something new and creative to be successful then this is the right book for you.

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