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The Library Plans to Establish a 1000-Book Campaign

Join Ashburton Library's 1000 Books Before School program, promoting early childhood reading. Start during the Wriggle and Read session on June 25th.
on Jun 12, 2024
The Library Plans to Establish a 1000-Book Campaign | Frontlist

Ashburton Library is launching a new reading program for young children.

The 1000 Books Before School programme, a cooperation between the library and Ashburton Altrusa, promotes frequent reading to newborns and toddlers in the years before they begin school. It will be introduced during the library's Wriggle and Read session on Tuesday, June 25, at 10.30 a.m., and everyone's invited.

Jill Watson, library manager, stated that all types of reading counted, from picture books and eBooks to bedtime storytelling and songs.

"It doesn't matter if you read the same rhyming book 10 times in a row, it all counts and helps form a fabulous habit of lifelong reading."

Several other libraries in New Zealand have similar initiatives, and Ashburton Library staff approached Ashburton Altrusa to see whether they would be interested in assisting with the establishment of one here. Altrusa members are already delivering books to houses as part of the library's Books on Wheels service.

Altrusa president Val Prendergast said the club was excited to collaborate with the library, which also aimed to increase reading.

"Improving reading and writing helps open up opportunities for everyone, and 1000 Books Before School is a programme that starts with infants and toddlers and lays a great foundation for reading."

Altrusa has covered the cost of printing the first batch of booklets used to track progress toward the 1000-book goal.

To participate in 1000 Books Before School, caregivers and children must be library members. They will be given a booklet and a library bag, and they will be able to track their reading progress.

Miss Watson stated that a target of 1000 books was achievable, and that the library featured books for people of various ages, reading levels, and interests.

"If you read one book a day for five years, that's 1825 books, or one book a day for three years is 1095 books, so it is definitely achievable, and you'll be forming a love for reading from an early age."

According to Ellie Barns, a speech and language therapist, reading to children in their early years is vital for establishing communication skills and literacy.

"Books are excellent for developing early joint attention skills, motions and signals like pointing, and vocabulary development. They are also excellent for teaching and providing opportunity for children to learn and communicate for a variety of objectives, such as sharing interests, asking questions, commenting, and so on."

All Ashburton District residents and ratepayers are eligible for free library membership. Do you want to join? Here is how.

The 1000 Books Before School initiative will be inaugurated during the library's Wriggle and Read session on Tuesday, June 25th, at 10.30 a.m.

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