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The Fairy Tale Remix: SPELLBOUND! : Book Review

By Nalini Sorensen
on May 05, 2023
The Fairy Tale Remix: SPELLBOUND!

The Fairy Tale Remix by Author Nalini Sorensen is a heartwarming story that proffers a refreshing take on the cliché fairytales we've all grown up reading. 

The story entails the classic tale of the prince and the frog but with a tinge of magic, humor, and a fresh outlook. It begins with a wacky detailed introduction of the witch Weyona and how she is the filthiest creature in the entire Kingdom. 

The author has vividly described the appearance of Weyona and portrayed her character as extremely unhygienic. One day when Prince Freddy was on his way to catch a butterfly, he stumbled upon the bucket of Weyona, and that's how the two crossed paths. Freddy passed some snarky comments on Weyona's appearance, which made her furious. 

She swished, swooshed her wand, and zapped Prince Freddy into a Frog. Completely stunned by Weyona's sudden reaction, Prince Freddy had little to no choice but to pass the rest of his days as a Frog. 

Despite all that had transpired, he held onto hope, dreaming that perhaps his fate would turn around one day, and he would become a human again. 

All his dreams were about to come true when Weyona's sister Petunia visited her. 

The book incorporates beautiful illustrations of the characters that add to the story's charm. The author's writing style is engaging with a touch of humor. 

In conclusion, it is an enchanting read that brings a new stance to a classic fairy tale. The story is full of magic, humor, and delightful moments that will leave the reader spellbound.

If you're looking for an enjoyable and captivating read, Spellbound: The Fairy Tale Remix is a must-read for fairy tale lovers of all ages.

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