Frontlist | Ramachandra Guha on ‘The Commonwealth of Cricket’ and his abiding love for the game | The Hindu On Books Podcast

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Introducing The Hindu Books podcast, a new weekly initiative which will bring authors, writers, their books, and our discerning readers a bit closer.

We start the series with a freewheeling chat with Ramachandra Guha about his latest book The Commonwealth of Cricket. Mr. Guha wears many hats – as a historian, academician, social anthropologist, environmentalist – and above all, an old word lover of cricket in the true sense. His latest book juxtaposes his life with his abiding love for the game and this conversation could not come at a better time with India and Australia in the midst of an enthralling test series.

Host: K.C. Vijaya Kumar, Sports Editor, The Hindu

Source: The Hindu

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