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The Book Festival ‘ Words by the Water’ that was Cancelled Due to Cost of Living is Returning

Experience the revival of Words by the Water festival in Keswick, celebrating literature and local talent amid challenges like rising costs.
on Jun 10, 2024
The Book Festival ‘ Words by the Water’ that was Cancelled Due to Cost of Living is Returning | Frontlist

A book festival that had been cancelled due to the cost of living problem has resurfaced.
Organizers had previously cancelled Words by the Water due to a "pincer movement" of rising costs and dwindling ticket sales.

Leah Varnell, the festival's director, stated: "The 'phoenix rising' regeneration bit of this story is that it was the locals and the audiences that really put the momentum into getting this festival back."

The event runs until Sunday at the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick.
Ms Varnell stated that she had been "inundated with many emails expressing deep sorrow" about the festival's cancellation.

"In real life, people have to choose between paying their gas payment and buying a festival ticket. And therefore the gas bill comes first," she explained.

"That's true of theatre, and gigs, and literary festivals, and all sorts of different things across the arts - that the audiences are having to make quite difficult decisions about how they spend their money."

Ms Varnell stated that reviving the festival was "uncharted territory".
She continued, "I believe things are improving for individuals, and we have cut our costs. So I truly hope people will support this."

organizers stated: "The fallow period of the festival has shown all of us how much we need and value the arts and Words by the Water is delighted to be back in Cumbria in full capacity."

According to festival organizers, previous festivals attracted 13,000 guests to Keswick.
This year's event has already attracted attendees from New York, London, and around Scotland.

However, Ms Varnell stated: "We do focus quite heavily on Cumbrian and local talent as well, because we like to celebrate the area that we're in."

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