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The Beijing Book Fair Fosters cross-cultural connections through Books

The 30th Beijing International Book Fair gathered 1,600 exhibitors from 71 nations, showcasing 220,000 titles. It promoted global cultural exchange and highlighted China's literary achievements.
on Jun 24, 2024
The Beijing Book Fair - Frontlist

The 30th Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) wrapped up on Sunday following a five-day run, gathering 1,600 exhibitors from 71 nations and regions to showcase 220,000 Chinese and international titles.

More than 1,000 cultural events were organized, and over 2,100 copyright trade agreements or expressions of intent were signed.

The BIBF, billed as the world's second-largest book fair, will expand the route for Chinese culture to go global while also serving as a bridge for exchanges and mutual learning between civilizations.

Chinese publishing houses highlighted key publications that depicted the country's development path, achievements, and cultural legacy for global audiences.

"We hope these books can present a multi-dimensional and vibrant image of China to global readers," said Zhao Jianying, president of China Social Sciences Press.

The expo provided platforms for conversation between Chinese and foreign publishers, writers, and translators, with forums on topics such as how to use written language to foster dialogue and exchanges between cultures.

Over 20 countries have national display booths.

Saudi Arabia, this year's Guest of Honor, used the occasion to display its old but thriving culture with colorful exhibitions.

Book tours, writers' meetings, and translators' cafes were among the activities that provided global participants with a variety of opportunities to appreciate civilizational relations.

The book show, which attracted approximately 300,000 people, strengthened ties between China's publishing business and its international counterparts, demonstrating a mutual embrace of cultural openness and shared wealth through literary exchanges.

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