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The Achik Literature Society develops a strategy to improve basic education in the Garo Hills

Addressing NCERT report concerns, Achik Literature Society recommends improvements for Garo Hills primary school education.
on Sep 22, 2023
The Achik Literature Society develops a strategy to improve basic education in the Garo Hills | Frontlist

Tura, September 21: The Achik Literature Society (ALS) has recommended to the State government certain ways to improve the quality of education in Garo Hills primary schools. These recommendations were reached at a meeting on September 18, 2023, hosted by the Achik Literature Society and attended by officials from the Garo Graduates Union and the Senior Citizens' Forum.

The meeting was called in response to the NCERT report on the national survey of class III students for competency in their vernacular and mathematics, which was published in the Times of India on September 9, 2022 (Bangalore Edition).

Several members offered their experiences as former Primary School teachers, providing insights into the difficulties that children endure during their formative years.

The delegates also emphasised the need of prioritising education, recognising the dire situation, and mobilising support across urban, rural, and remote communities to ensure elementary education receives the attention it deserves.

Because the majority of the LP Schools are directly under the Government and the centrally sponsored SSA Schools are managed by it, the meeting resolved to request that the Government of Meghalaya implement the following recommendations:

(i) To prioritise teaching and learning for students over other obligations allocated to instructors that need their absence from school.

(ii) Appoint a Pre-Primary teacher in each Primary School to instruct students and prepare them for entrance to Class I, in order to bridge the gap between learning the alphabet and the text book, which is a significant obstacle.

(iii) To emphasise the importance of timely inspection of every Primary School by SDSEO, with a focus on the instruction given by teachers and the learning achieved by students.

(iv) Take decisive action to eliminate absenteeism among instructors and pupils.

(v) Raising awareness among all sections of society, particularly in rural areas, about the importance of parents, regular attendance, and home study, the problem of single teacher schools, the scrutiny and alertness on the use of funds and grants to primary schools, and all issues related to a better learning environment, including good infrastructure and text books, were all discussed.

Furthermore, the members emphasised the critical role that NGOs, Managing Committees, and Churches must play in all areas to promote primary education and reduce the threat of dropouts.

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