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The 5 Best Books On Natural Disasters; Check Out

The 5 Best Books On Natural Disasters; Check Out
on Jul 26, 2021
The 5 Best Books On Natural Disasters; Check Out
Book reading hobby is considered to be the best option. There are plenty of different types of books available including political, cultural, financial, health and many more. Few books are giving in and out about natural disasters and some of the key political issues relating to disaster management. Here we look at the 5 best books on natural disasters. 1. AT RISK. This is the best book because it provided a revolutionary shift in the way people about natural disasters. It was first to suggest that disaster recovery is not just physical reconstruction but it has a social dimension. The book details the theoretical model, which is the right way of understanding the impact of the disaster. 2. LATE VICTORIAN HOLOCAUSTS. This is quite an interesting book by Mike Davis, which tells us about Victorian famines in India, Africa, China, Brazil and elsewhere. It describes human suffering. Holocaust is related to natural disasters and the author is suggesting that the famines may have been preventable. 3. A CRACK IN THE EDGE OF THE WORLD. It’s about the 1906 earthquake in America and the author focuses on the response to the earthquake. The earthquake caused fore and it lasted for three days. It’s not easy to book to read without an understanding of geography. 4. BUILDING BACK BETTER. This is also a better book on natural disasters but is concentrating more on reconstruction. The affected and powerful people must work closely and must involve in planning. This book also tells us about local people trained and assisted by government and aid workers for better reconstruction. 5. KNOW RISK. This book on natural disaster published by United Nations and it was published during a world conference on disaster reduction in 2005 in Japan. In this, about 200 articles were written by highly qualified professionals and they described their experience in disaster recovery. Source - iwmbuzz

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