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Ten Books That Will Change Your Outlook Towards Life

Ten Books That Will Change Your Outlook Towards Life
on Jun 17, 2021
Ten Books That Will Change Your Outlook Towards Life
Faith and the beloved by Kochery C Shibu
Faith Naithy Cherozil is a rich and successful businesswoman from Mumbai who marries the young and handsome model Tony D'Souza after the death of her spouse. Little does she know that the ideal sex slave of her husband is the sleeper cell of a terror outfit. Events in her life take unforeseen turns as the male Mata Hari is activated. Prem Rollands is a 'Kalari' exponent and a brilliant student whose world revolves around his brother Arun. Things go awry when the police kill Arun under mysterious circumstances. Prem kills the inspector in retribution and is on the run. He is on the lookout to find the dark secrets leading to Arun's death. To know more do give the book a read      
Losing my religion by Vishwas Mudagal.
Losing Racy, unpredictable, romantic, and inspiring, Vishwas Mudagal's No.1 National Bestseller Losing My Religion (LMR) is a novel that is bound to get you addicted and stay with you forever. It is a book that has achieved cult status, capturing the imagination of tens of thousands of readers in India and world-over. Losing My Religion is the gritty story of Rishi Rai, a fallen gaming entrepreneur-turned-adventurer. An embodiment of the young, ambitious, and restless India, Rishi sets out to revolutionize the gaming industry and bring the dawn of a new era in gaming. To know more, do give the book a read.      
The crossfire of Love by Dhiren Tiwari
The After ten long years, a twenty-something Amaan reluctantly comes back to his once-thriving-now-desolate kingdom, Attanooga, to fulfil his mother's last wish of a hometown funeral. Saira is a journalist, but her job for the past five years has been the same – a beautiful bait to expose famous people with demented habits. Strangely, her memories of the past come to her like an out of order puzzle – whether it's of her estranged mother, her one true hate, or the broken heart because of her break-up with Amaan years ago. Trapped in failing ambition and marshy relationships, Saira gets a rare chance to resurrect both when she's chosen to lead a special feature on the life and times of the late queen, Amaan's mother. To know more do give the book a read    
The Last Strand by VR Bhardwaj
The This is an intriguing tale of two friends Shankar and Javed, where their intense friendship navigates through the tests of the time, often winning but sometimes badly failing. The bond they share becomes much stronger when they together take revenge for the killing of Shankar's mother. However, after the incident, the two orphan boys leave their home searching for a higher purpose. Dealing with a fast-changing world and their several vulnerabilities in New Delhi, both end up in the deceiving world of politics. Both rises as strong leaders, but their relationships suffer, and their foes raise their heads. One day, Shankar's girlfriend, Sanyukta, goes missing. To know more do give the book a read      
Mystery of the urban monks by Vikram Singh
Mystery Yogi, a meditation teacher, meets John, an American writer, on a train journey to Varanasi. They are the only passengers in the cabin, so they decide to discuss their lives and experiences. John is a student of life and asks Yogi to share his learnings, to which Yogi recites him a story of three friends. Krish is an IITian pursuing his entrepreneurial dream after spending 15 years in the Software industry; Tony is a high school- dropout-vodka crazy-womanizer, the teachings of his Buddhist friend kept him going, and Asif is a failed carpet seller who dreams of making it big in the music industry. To know more do give the book a read      
Jujube (The journey to joyful being) by PC Balasubramanian
Jujube Are you one among the many who feel life is hectic and complex? Do you have a good career or business, a good family, an amazing set of friends, and you are in demand not just at the workplace but also at other places? Are you too busy to find time for anything? Does it denote a clear recipe for others to envy you, but you are missing something in life? Do you find your life becoming complex? Are you becoming bored in life? Do you still feel there is some secret in life to discover and live happily? To know more do give the book a read         
I choose to be unstoppable by Niranjan Nerlige V
I This story is the best example of true strength, perseverance and a strong mind that alone can make you shine above all, no matter what stage or state of life you are in. This book helps you understand that life always has a choice; it just depends upon you what you choose to be – a loser or a winner. It makes it very clear which path of the road you want to choose – one of hard work and hope or the other one of darkness and misery. Life is something that requires a considerable amount of physical and mental effort. To know more do give the book a read      
Mere Arzoo by Rajeev Kumar
Mere Mere Arzoo has 13 different sweet stories that depict the state of mind of a human being in different circumstances of life. The Character is from a middle-class family, and he has to deal with many daily life problems. He has to face different phases of his life. All 13 stories are different, yet they all have one thing in common: A middle-class person. The protagonist wants to do/become something, and he ends up doing something. To know more do give the book a read          
Right under your nose by R Giridharan
Right Right Under Your Nose is a murder mystery thriller. In the book where a pair of detectives, one male and one female detective, is equally good and works as equal partners. Vijay, the lead male protagonist, has rivals in the police to contend with a genius of murdered who uses novel methods and leaves no evidence. Padmini, a freelance journalist, is the lead female protagonist. As the two hunts for the elusive criminal, they fall in Love.To know more do give the book a read.        
Mysterious 4:30 A.M. When it happened… by Nitin Sharma
Mysterious Harsh belongs to a very rich family of Jaipur and is having every luxury in his room. But, he wants every luxury from his own earned money. He is very simple by heart and doesn't believe in Love. His views over Love are different, and he considers that real Love doesn't exist around us; it only exists in the movies, but he falls into first sight love when during a flight from Jaipur to Mumbai, his eyes catch a glimpse of a girl. Fortunately, they take admission to Mumbai's same college, where Harsh tries to follow her quietly to know more about her. To know more do give the book a read.       Source: OutLook

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