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"Stop Being a Maggu" by Author Avinash Agarwal: Book Review

on Oct 27, 2022
Avinash Agarwal

The self-help book, Stop Being A Maggu by Avinash Agarwal is for any student who dares to dream but is battling anxiety and low self-esteem to survive the competitive climate of our educational system.

It apprises the tale of Abhyas, a district topper known as "Maggu," a complete bookworm who spent most of his time in his room studying. By passing JEE and getting accepted into one of India's prestigious institutions, he hoped to make his parents proud.

Abhyas was all set to follow his passion after passing his board examinations. He left home and enrolled at Kota's top coaching facility, a center for all-encompassing competitive exam preparation. 

Abhyas knew that this trip would be more complicated than he had anticipated. As the story progresses, he finds himself stuck in a cycle of self-doubt, negative thoughts, and self-limiting behaviors that the system's competitive atmosphere augments.

He studied with the finest professors and used the best resources, yet he failed the exam. He felt even more trapped by the label of "average" student.

The author contends that the biggest challenge that Abhyas encountered was navigating the journey's intensity of ups and downs, which rocketed up unexpectedly and for which he was unprepared. Even the thought of abandoning his aspirations crossed his mind.

The author sheds light on how most students concentrate on getting results, study everything, and forget how crucial it is to learn and stay focused. When it comes to taking tests, preparation is always more important than results.

Read this book to learn more about the challenges Abhyas faced and how he overcame them to pass one of the most difficult exams in life and engineering.

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