Stephenie Meyer is all set to release the long awaited twilight prequel this year in August.

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All the Twilighters can’t keep calm because author Stephenie Meyer has announced the prequel! 

The quarantine lifestyle is becoming the new nerdy addition. All the Edward and Bella lovers get ready to read another edition of the series.

Author Stephenie Meyer is releasing the much-awaited prequel of the vampire world on 4th August. Meyer made the announcement of her website that the story is from the perspective of our vampire crush, Edward Cullen. 

The book is titled “The Midnight Sun”.
The story is the chronicle of Cullen’s past and the time he first meets Bella Swan, his human high school classmate who later becomes his wife.All the previous stories are from Bella’s perspective.


The author has kept her fans in huge suspense by putting up a countdown clock on her website that promised a major announcement. On ABC’s Good Morning America show, Meyer said she hoped the book would be a welcome distraction from the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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