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The state administration has formed a committee to draft a comprehensive skill-education program

Explore Maharashtra's new skill-education policy draft by a committee aiming to integrate diverse initiatives for workforce development and entrepreneurship.
on Jun 18, 2024
State Committee Drafts Skill Education Program

The state administration has formed a committee to create a comprehensive skill-education policy that will streamline and integrate numerous existing skill development projects throughout the state.

The Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Department has formed a ten-member group made up of academics, experts in skill education and entrepreneurship, as well as industry and government representatives. This committee will draft the new skill policy.

An official from the department added, "Many projects, initiatives, and programs are now happening across the state to improve personnel capability and foster entrepreneurship among young people.

Various educational institutions offer a range of skill-oriented courses at different levels in diverse subjects. Coordination among these activities is vital to efficiently generate quality workforce and incubate firms, which this policy strives to achieve.”

Currently, Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) around Maharashtra offer a variety of skill-based courses. In addition, several universities and autonomous colleges have begun to provide degree-level courses customized to certain skills, notably those in demand by local industries. To foster entrepreneurship, many public institutions have created incubation centers or start-up clinics.

"While these programs operate concurrently, it is critical to avoid duplication. A coordinated strategy across all levels will help produce excellent workers for diverse industries,” the official added. The committee is anticipated to submit a draft of the policy within a month.

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