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Sri Raaga Music School launches Bhakti Geya Kadambam book

Sri Raaga Music School launches Bhakti Geya Kadambam book
on Sep 26, 2019
Sri Raaga Music School launches Bhakti Geya Kadambam book
HYDERABAD: It becomes quite interesting to see music flowing on pages. A book launch, pleasing renditions of Carnatic music compositions and some very long speeches. This was what the event by Sri Raaga Music School to release the book Bhakti Geya Kadambam was all about. The book was launched by Mahidhara Seetarama Sarma, founder of Sujanaranjani, an organisation for Carnatic music. The collection by D. Bala Tripura Sundari contains 37 compositions of different vaggeyakaras with lyrics and notation. As she herself is a music teacher, she felt such a book would benefit music students. In this work, most of the compositions chosen for presentation are by Annnamcharya and a few by Narayanatheertha, besides one by Tulasidas. There are also mangalahaarathi songs as well as lyrics in praise of saint Sai Baba. All of these compositions have been tuned by Bala Tripura Sundari, hence this book by her. A few lyrics from the book were rendered on the occasion. Going by the renditions, she has selected apt ragas and the raga chhaaya did emerge from most of the songs heard by audience. However, the mridangam was a surprising omission in the accompanying instruments. A chaste Carnatic classical music concert deserves is always enhanced by the mridangam. There was competent support from Kolanka Sai on the violin and Deepesh Aaytee on tabla. The mandatory praise of Lord Ganesha at the beginning of the concert came in the form of Pradhama Puja Neekide (Sree ragam) and was rendered by a group of three female students followed by another group rendition--this one by male students--of the composition Ayambeejayuthe (Saraswathi).This was followed by a series of individual renditions.
Tarangini Ramaraju  rendered Palumaru Utla Panduga (Nilambari) and she was followed by Devadevudekkanade Divyaradhamu (Rasaali) by Pratibha Valipe. Later, Navya Chittarvu gave the audience a taste of Chakravakam ragam. The other compositions rendered that evening were by Harsha Kumar of Devi Raava Sri Kanakadurga (Reetigowla); followed by Vikram Dachepally’s brisk rendition of the  Shiva Panchakshari Mangalam with a peaen to Shiva. Then we heard Phani Mangalagiri rendering the keerthana Nagumogamu Thodi (Kuntalavarali) in praise of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha. His strong, steady voice and confident enunciation stood out. This preceded a composition of Narayana Theertha chosen by the next singer, Sudharchith Sonty when he sang Hey Rama Hey Krishna (Mohana Kalyani),  and also an Annamacharya keerthana,  Cheliya Cheekatiki (Madhukauns). The finale came in the form of  an impressive rendition by the teacher Bala Tripura Sundari of Toranamule (Begada) and Kali Durga Chamundi (Hamsanandi). The students came together again for Ihamunu Paramunu (Shankarabharanam).

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