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Frontlist: Spider-Man's Most Well-Rounded Villain Kept on Rolling

Frontlist: Spider-Man's Most Well-Rounded Villain Kept on Rolling
on Jan 07, 2021
As a forgettable Spider-Man villain from the Bronze Age, Big Wheel's brief career had him rolling from failed villain to hero, to cartoon character. Spider-Man's villains are some of the most popular and recognizable in Marvel Comics and comic books in general. Their ranks include the likes of Green Goblin, Venom, Doctor Octopus, Mysterio and the Lizard, who have all appeared in several cartoons, movies, video games and of course, comic books. Their popularity has been fueled by cool powers, iconic and interesting backstories. On the other hand, Spider-Man has also faced several villains of much less than dubious quality. One of these is Big Wheel, who, as his name would suggest, uses a gigantic mechanical wheel to commit crimes. An inarguably lame villain, he never made much of a splash in the game of facing off against Spider-Man. Perhaps because of his laughable nature, Big Wheel eventually ditched villainy before finally making it into the world of animation. Here's the full circle story behind one of the Bronze Age's weirdest Spider-Man villains. Source: CBR

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