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“Sira”, a novel which unfold the mindset of teenagers

“Sira”, a novel which unfold the mindset of teenagers
on Nov 21, 2019
“Sira”, a novel which unfold the mindset of teenagers
Telugu movie director, Raj Madiraju launched his debut book, “Sira”. Acclaimed novelist Yandamuri Veerendranath unveiled it. The book focuses on the current problems which students are facing, the flaws in our education system, the pressure which students experience and the causes which lead to the suicide of a student. In this era of cutthroat competition, students are facing a lot of pressure and stress. Author Raj Madiraju said while thanking the guests, “If you are writing a novel, write like Yandamuri garu. If you are making a film, do it like Krishna Vamsi. And if you are acting, perform like Rajasekhar garu. That’s the generation we belong to.” He added, “Sira details the loopholes in the legal system, throws light on the current education system and the mindset of teens. Many children committed suicide after watching a web series. Some children kill themselves because their father scolds them.” Director Krishna Vamsi said this is the first book on the topic since Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Three Mistakes of My Life’. Actor Rajasekhar said, “I recently watched ‘Hindi Medium’ which told us how hard parents are working to give the education to their kids. Exams are eating up a lot of time. And stress is leading to suicides. Such books are the need of the hour.” Novelist Yandamuri Veerendranath said, “There are three kinds of novels. In the first type, nothing socially relevant is found. In the second type, social issues are taken up and solutions skipped. In the third type, solutions too are offered. I don’t know in which of the last two categories ‘Sira’ falls.” The book throws light on the mindset of teenagers. It shows how tender is the mindset of teenage in the current time. The novel shows a part of reality which is happening around us. The reality which will wake you up.

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