Shravya Bhinder’s Latest Book Discusses Child Abuse And Its Impact On One’s Mental Health

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“I want to normalise talks around mental health,” says Shravya Bhinder on her latest book ‘To You With Love’.

After the success of her book Something I Never Told You, Shravya Bhinder decided to stick to romance genre. From the looks of it, is a safe decision but Shravya didn’t just want to be in her comfort zone. Her latest book, To You With Love, is a romantic novel. However, it isn’t just about love. The book touches on delicate topics like child abuse and mental health. The book revolves around the life of a girl who is abused as a child and her journey into adulthood, how the incidences of her past impact her, and her adult relationships.

Talking about the reason why she chose such a delicate topic as the main theme of the book, Shravya explains that as a writer she feels it is her responsibility to bring out as many social issues as she can through her books. “The books are my platforms to express my thoughts. There are social media platforms too, but books are for life,” she says. “While romance sells, it is important to add value to the story. Mass-market fiction books are the most read books in India and most youngsters opt for them. If you can deliver your message to the younger generation, the world will become a better place in no time as India is the county of the young,” she adds.

Shravya’s books touch the raw nerve in the hearts of her readers. Her books are known to be emotional and To You With Love promises to do just the same. The book is now available online and at major bookstores.

A full-time writer, Shravya is working on her third book with Penguin Random House which should hit the bookstands in a few months time. It is going to be a sequel to the National Bestselling Book – Something I Never Told You.

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