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Shelby Township author’s self-help book gains global recognition

Shelby Township author’s self-help book gains global recognition
on Sep 14, 2021
Shelby Township author’s self-help book gains global recognition
Some of the best books share experiences that others can relate to, as in the case of Danielle Bernock’s “Because You Matter,” a self-help book and among the top 10 finalists for the 2021 Author Elite Award. It’s her second book aimed at helping people. The first one helped her. When she was 10 years old, a girl in her neighborhood — considered a cool kid — cornered her in school and started shouting at her. “Die, Anne, die, Anne,” she screamed.“Your parents named you Diane because they want you to die.” “I believed her,” said Bernock, noting it was partly because she was a naïve tween but also because she never felt loved by her parents.“They were always distant, stoic, and totalitarian,” she said. Feeling that nobody loved her, Danielle decided to join a church. After going through all of the classes to become a member she and others from her class were invited to celebrate their graduation during a Sunday service. There she was – sitting in the front pew of the church — awaiting her confirmation only the pastor never called her name.“He left me sitting on the bench in front of everyone,” Bernock said. “I remember crying all the way home.”Her father called the church afterward was told that because he and his wife do not go to church she could not become a member on her own. After graduating from high school Bernock embarked on a road trip that had her meandering through cities from Michigan to California, and all of the states in between. It was after a fearful encounter on this trip she reclaimed her faith and found the strength to take ownership of her life. “I think everyone goes through stuff,” she said. Some of it’s similar – being bullied as a kid – for others, it is worse.“Taking your pain and turning it into a purpose is how you survive and thrive,” she said. Shortly after the road trip revelation and upon the encouragement of those closest to her, Bernock wrote her first book. “Emerging with Wings” is a memoir but also a love story about a child, a villain, and a hero. Its success and her own spiritual journey prompted her second book, “Because You Matter,” which began with the idea that all people matter. “I interviewed 10 different people about what they went through and how they took ownership of their life,” said the author, motivational speaker, and life coach. A man born with Cerebral palsy and undiagnosed Asperger’s syndrome, a woman who was at the height of her career in communications and working for Oprah Winfrey when she suffered from a disease that left her incapacitated, and a man whose best friend was murdered during a carjacking is among the profiles in the book. Each one provides readers with examples of how other people have survived and thrived. The timing of her book could not have been better. Having been released before the global pandemic it provided people all over the world with a guide on how to reclaim their life. Now it’s being heralded for that as a finalist for the Author Elite Award. “Hundreds of books from authors throughout the world are up for an Author Elite Award,” said Kary Oberbrunner, founder of Author Academy Elite and the annual award. “Our goal is to help further connect this global community of authors, maintain excellence and integrity of the book publishing industry, and raise awareness that the stories being told and the authors who write them are worth our attention.” The award is given to authors published traditionally, indie authors (self-published), or collaborations. “I feel honored,” Bernock said. “I feel like I’ve done something right and I’m excited about getting this message to people around the world. If I can help to pick people up and own their life – that would bring joy to mine.” Source- Macomb Daily

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