Frontlist | Scholastic India launches new language improvement module for kids

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Scholastic India, the country’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books, has launched an online comprehensive language improvement programme — Scholastic Super English, for kids of grades 3 to 8.

The children’s publishing and education company in a statement said that since English is the world’s most widely used and commonly spoken language, it launched the programme that will encourage children to become proficient in the English language. It said that the new programme seeks to offer interactive live classes. As many as six students can join a session which will be conducted by coaches based on a scientific learning methodology.

Scholastic Super English goes beyond the traditional classroom environment that lacks in fostering a personalized and ability-based learning experience. Additionally, in Tier B and Tier C cities especially, skilled English language resources are rare. Thus, the programme brings together a unique blend of research-based content, par excellence teaching expertise and modern technology.

The new programme equips children to compare, contrast, evaluate, understand, and classify information. They will be given new tasks and assignments that will encourage them to think critically, use creative imagination and be more curious.

“Children who master the art of comprehension, oral and written communication are better-prepared to articulate their ideas, exhibit critical thinking and problem-solving skills, show empathy toward others and constructively resolve a conflict. The new programme will help children develop these skills for life and readiness for the workplace,” Neeraj Jain of Scholastic India said.

Source: India TV News

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