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Scarlet Witch's Darkest Spell Just Returned with a Vicious Twist

Scarlet Witch's Darkest Spell Just Returned with a Vicious Twist
on May 31, 2021
Scarlet Witch's Darkest Spell Just Returned with a Vicious Twist
Scarlet witch darkest spell has just returned to Marvel Comics, this time with a vicious twist. Wanda Maximoff proved just how powerful she is in the House of M storyline when she uttered three simple words - no more mutants and changed everything by depowering millions of mutants. She was fed up with the Avengers, life, and all of mutantkind -- that heartbreak and anger caused her darkest spell, one that readers won't ever forget. In Heroes Reborn, Wanda now goes by the Silver Witch and contains the powers of both Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. She has gone down a much darker path, and jumps at the chance to use no more you to kill Arcanna, Master of the Mystic Arts. Since the Avengers do not exist in this alternate reality, Wanda and her brother Pietro were never reformed. Pietro dies young, and Wanda uses her chaos magic to absorb his powers, and starts calling herself the Silver Witch -- a combination of both their names. She joins Baron Zemo's side as part of his dark team, the Siege Society, along with Black Widow, Sabertooth, Soviet Agent, Hawkeye, and Fire-Ant. They find themselves up against the Squadron Supreme in Heroes Reborn: Siege Society #1 by writer Cody Ziglar, artist Paco Medina, and colorer Pete Pantazis. Arcanna does her best to break through to Wanda, letting her know that if she does not let go of her pain, she will lose herself forever. She is sure to use her elemental magic to not kill Wanda, but rather slow her down enough to try to get her to listen. Unfortunately for the powerful Arcanna, she mentions that Silver Witch going down this path will not bring Pietro back, and speaking his name is -- quite literally -- the death of her.
Wanda's rage only increases when hearing her brother's name and casts her darkest spell, this time with a twist, No more lectures, no more rhymes, no more you! These words do not simply depower Arcanna, they completely vaporize her -- causing her to cease to exist. This deadly addition to her spell makes it even darker and twisted than the House of M version. Knowing that Wanda has this power to simply wipe her enemies off the face of the planet, makes her a formidable foe for the Squadron Supreme, and anyone that dare speak her late brother's name in front of her. Using this particular wording is clearly a nod to Wanda's no more mutants moment, and goes on to show that some things that are happening in this new reality, are very similar to some that happened in the main Marvel Comics timeline. Removing an influential group like the Avengers from existence has changed the lives of many, including Scarlet Witch, and readers can discover it all as this major crossover event continues. Heroes Reborn: Siege Society #1 is available in stores and online now. Source: screenrant

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