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Rizzoli International Plans to Acquire Chelsea Green Publishing

Rizzoli International's acquisition of Chelsea Green Publishing brings together sustainability and global reach in the publishing industry.
on Apr 16, 2024
Rizzoli International Plans to Acquire Chelsea Green Publishing | Frontlist

Rizzoli International Publications, a New York City-based subsidiary of Italian publisher the Mondadori Group, has purchased Chelsea Green Publishing, a well-known independent book publisher based in White River Junction, Vermont, that focuses on politics and sustainability. The acquisition comes after Rizzoli International announced a new publishing arm based in the United Kingdom, Rizzoli UK, last month.

The Fisher Company arranged the sale, which is slated to finalize in the first half of 2024. It includes Chelsea Green's London-based company, Chelsea Green Publishing UK Ltd. When the deal is completed, Chelsea Green will join Rizzoli New York, Rizzoli Universe, and Rizzoli Electa as Rizzoli International imprints.

"This partnership perfectly aligns with our vision of promoting meaningful content that resonates with global audiences while addressing crucial issues related to sustainability and eco-friendly living," said Stefano Peccatori, CEO and president of Rizzoli International, in a statement. "The acquisition opens doors to new opportunities for collaborative projects, innovative titles, and expanded market reach in the English language and global publishing landscape."

Chelsea Green's president and publisher, Margo Baldwin, will become publisher emeritus and join the Rizzoli International management team. All present Chelsea Green workers, including 17 in the United States and four in the United Kingdom, will continue to work for the publisher through Rizzoli International. 

Chelsea Green has been entirely employee-owned since 2019; all participants in the publisher's employee stock ownership plan will receive the net proceeds of the sale, according to a Rizzoli International representative, with the amount varying depending on compensation level and length of service at the company.

"I'm thrilled to have Chelsea Green secure its future and join Rizzoli and the entire esteemed Mondadori family of book publishing and bookstore companies for the next phase of development," Baldwin wrote in an e-mail. "This alliance will enable new growth and international expansion for our titles as well as significant new opportunities for our authors and employees."

Ian and Margo Baldwin launched Chelsea Green in 1984, and the company has appeared on PW's list of fast-growing independent publishers multiple times, most recently in 2021. It has been a pioneer in promoting sustainable methods in the publishing industry, as well as a significant publisher of sustainability literature. It has also published notable political works by authors such as Sen. Bernie Sanders and Naomi Wolf.

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