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Riverdale: 5 Ways Cheryl Is Different In The Archie Comics (& 5 Ways She's The Same)

Riverdale: 5 Ways Cheryl Is Different In The Archie Comics (& 5 Ways She's The Same)
on Apr 20, 2021
Riverdale: 5 Ways Cheryl Is Different In The Archie Comics (& 5 Ways She's The Same)
Cheryl Blossom is easily one of the most iconic characters on Riverdale. The redheaded Blossom twin has had quite the trajectory on the show, and her background design has redefined many elements associated with the mean girl/queen bee trope. Cheryl was introduced in the Archie comics in 1982 and became quite a fixture in the series from then on. Riverdale does take certain liberties with Cheryl’s character, as it introduces a lot of layers to her role. But how different is the comic book Cheryl from the on-screen Cheryl?

She’s The Same: She’s Incredibly Wealthy

Cheryl Blossom has never not been wealthy. On Riverdale, she’s the daughter of the shady Clifford Blossom, who owns a maple syrup empire and is also secretly a drug kingpin, and Cheryl loves spending her family’s money. In the comics too, it’s made very obvious that the Blossoms are old money, and not only did Clifford fulfill every whim of his children, but it was revealed that the family has a cache of priceless vintage collectibles, like Greta Garbo’s shawl, a limited edition gramophone, and a collection of rare Civil War letters.

She’s Different: Her Relationship With Her Parents

This is perhaps the biggest difference between the show and the comics. The Blossom parents on Riverdale are abusive towards Cheryl. She has to suffer a regular onslaught of insults from her mother, while her father Clifford enables this behavior, and it’s also quite evident that Jason is the favorite child and not Cheryl. In the comics, however, Cheryl is adored by her parents who indulge her in every way, even more than they pamper Jason. Not only does her father give her whatever she wants, but her mistakes are also overlooked and her parents always seem to have her back.

She’s The Same: Her Feelings For Archie

Both the comics and the show have played off Cheryl as a potential romantic rival to Veronica, who was Archie’s girlfriend for a long time. In the comics, Cheryl is interested in Archie and often flirts with him and they even kiss in a mid-90s edition. On Riverdale, too, Cheryl has expressed her interest in Archie many times, and in the first season, they kiss at the Blossom family’s official start of the maple tree tapping event, when Cheryl thanks Archie for escorting her.

She’s Different: Her Hair

Though most fans think Riverdale showrunners kept Cheryl’s look intact for the show, some elements were definitely switched up to make Riverdale’s Cheryl look more realistic. On the show, Cheryl’s iconic long hair is a dark-toned copper - in season 1 Cheryl has subtle golden highlights but her hair actually transitions into dark ginger as the show progresses. But in the comics, Cheryl has fiery, candy-apple red hair that is slightly wavy but shoulder length and with a curled-up fringe.

She’s The Same: The Vainest Character

Riverdale attempts to rework the spoilt, rich girl trope by adding quite a few different aspects to Cheryl's character. On the show, Cheryl seems secure in her own skin, she knows what makes her look good and she’s not afraid to take risks. She can, at times, be a bit conceited or self-absorbed vis-a-vis her looks, and if vanity was a contest, Cheryl would definitely score big. In the comics, Cheryl’s vanity is not as nuanced but rather straightforward, which does no favors to her character design. She’s obsessed with expensive clothes and doesn’t want to wear her uniform to work at a burger joint, and is basically just as vain as the on-screen Cheryl, but somewhat more transparent about it.

She’s Different: Her Relationship With Jason

On Riverdale, the showrunners introduce a creepy overtone to the relationship between the Blossom siblings. In fact, Cheryl referred to Jason as her soulmate and the twins shared an unusually close bond. In the comics, however, Cheryl and Jason share a relationship that’s quite typical of a sibling duo. Though they care for each other, they always seem to be bickering, especially to earn their parents' favor. They also share a healthy sense of competition, as Cheryl often felt their parents are prouder of Jason, and so she tries to undermine him.

She’s The Same: She’s Out Of Touch

To be fair, Riverdale’s Cheryl is somewhat worldlier than her comic book counterpart and is even capable of running a business on her own. But her wealth and her privileged upbringing do make it harder for her to associate with the problems of her peers who come from working-class backgrounds. This is also visible in the comics when Cheryl wants to get a job and actually thinks that $4.50 an hour means $450 an hour, which is a hilarious reminder of her privilege.

She’s Different: Her Relationship With Veronica

Cheryl and Veronica share some common traits. On Riverdale, the two cheerleaders often make good allies because they both want power and appreciate the finer things in life, and they seem to get along when they need each other. In the comics, however, Veronica can’t seem to stand Cheryl, as she’s aware of her interest in Archie. In fact, she’s often rude to Cheryl to her face. In one of the chapters where Cheryl is seen working the drive-through of a taco joint, Veronica leaves the car because she didn’t want to talk to her.

She’s The Same: Her Wardrobe

In the comics, Cheryl’s wardrobe is distinctly fancier and more stylish than her peers, especially Betty and Veronica. Cheryl has always been a very trendy dresser, but she does like a touch of old-school elements. Cheryl’s character was introduced in the '80s, so initially she was seen in powerful sleeves, vintage skater dresses, and pinafores, and she eventually switched to '90s classics, like turtle necks and cropped sweaters. On Riverdale too, Cheryl’s fashion choices are just as iconic and retro-leaning, and her bomber jackets, all-red styling, and red lips make her a power dresser.

She’s Different: The Comic Cheryl Enjoyed Archie’s Attention

On Riverdale, Archie is not interested in Cheryl romantically. He does save her life when she tried to drown herself at Sweetwater Rivera and even performs CPR on her. Though things between them are cordial and Cheryl has often tried to flirt with Archie, he has almost always shut it down. In the comics, however, Archie seemed quite fascinated with Cheryl and is clearly attracted to her. She has often tried to express her interest to Archie, but her hints weren’t picked up by him. But unlike Riverdale, he was not totally indifferent to her, and Veronica was even jealous of the connection Archie shared with Cheryl. Source: screebrant 

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