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Rihanna to Release Her Autobiography

Rihanna to Release Her Autobiography
on Oct 14, 2019
Rihanna to Release Her Autobiography
Superstar Rihanna is releasing a visual autobiography this month. Rihanna is a well-known musician. She became popular in the 2000s when she was in her 20's. Since her musical success, she has also tried her hand as an entrepreneur and even as an actor with success. She has now announced that she's releasing her autobiography this week. The book is simply titled 'Rihanna' and is a visual autobiography. It is over 500 pages long with more than 1000 pictures of Rihanna, tracing her story. From pictures of her childhood in Barbados to the iconic shots, the photos from her life, both personal and professional give a detailed insight into her life. The book is priced at $150 and for true fans, there are three collectors editions as well. 'Rihanna: Fenty x Haidon' which comes with a custom steel tabletop bookstand, the 'Rihanna: Luxury Supreme' which is signed by Rihanna and comes with a custom cast-resin tabletop bookstand which is plated in an 18-carat gold color with mirror-finish and Rihanna: Ultra Luxury Supreme, which is also autographed and comes with a custom pedestal which is hand-carved in Nazaré, Portugal from solid Pele de Tigre marble with a soft, eggshell finish. All the fancy bookstands and the pedestal are designed by The Haas Brothers and there are slight differences in the cover of the book depending on the edition. The book will release on 24th October 2019.

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