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You Can Achieve More By Shiv Khera: Book Review

You Can Achieve More By Shiv Khera: Book Review
on Jun 30, 2021
You Can Achieve More By Shiv Khera: Book Review
Winners don't do different things, they do things differently - Shiv Khera Shiv Khera's You can achieve more book tells you the summary of few concepts, and learnings. He makes his point clear that what attitude one should have to give his life a meaning and a purpose. Shiv provided so many thoughts and gives a sudden dose of enthusiasm. It is often said that a person with a positive attitude will shine through always. Life is an obstacle, but a positive attitude will lead you to do wonders and can be transformational. Shiv khera in this book tells us about importance of being proactive, making decisions, having a win-win attitude, pride in performance etc. Here is one beautiful quote from this book to give you a reality check- Most people fail in life not because they lack talent, they have the skill but they lack the will In the end, If you are in the need to somehow change your attitude towards life and want some motivation as well then this book is right for you. To buy this book Click Here

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