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What's Up With Me? By Tisca Chopra: Book Review

What's Up With Me? By Tisca Chopra: Book Review
on Jun 24, 2021
What's Up With Me? By Tisca Chopra: Book Review
Tisca Chopra's What's Up With Me? book reaches out to all pre teen girls and their parents, to ease the embarrassing, non-existent conversations around puberty and menstruation. It is precisely the book, with practical advices for coping with the rollercoaster that growing up is. Tisca Chopra has friendly, sensible ideas on everything from your changing body to pimple and periods, menstrual hygiene to safety and self-worth, relationships and boys to emotions and much more. The quotes before every chapter by such strong women make reader feel empowered. This book for girls aged eight to thirteen will reassure you and make you feel super good about yourself as you come into transition from childhood to adulthood. and it is also created with inputs from gynaechologist, Dr Mala Arora, practising counselling Psychologist, Malavika Verma. The  structure of content, the language and most importantly the tone is something which speaks to a teen like a friend. Lastly we would definitely recommend this book to you and to your children and we hope they get informed and benefit from his book.  

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