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Tween Twilight By Veruschka Pandey: Book Review

Tween Twilight By Veruschka Pandey: Book Review
on Jul 29, 2021
Tween Twilight By Veruschka Pandey: Book Review
So beauty is diversity, a little change, isn't it strange? That familiar gaze. We know that we know each other, but are not able to escape this maze So let that familiar soul stay captive, it's fine. Let me pretend that I don't know you and let's act like it's all fine Tween Twilight is a collection of 31 soulful poems written by 12-year-old Veruschka Pandey with different subjects that gathered over few experiences in her life. Veruschka brings forth different perspectives to represent the key issues of society. These are the thoughts with a message to encourage people to realize the temptingness of glowing in the dark, and of fight against poverty, love, conserving nature and emotions starting from the bottom of her heart. This book has all her views that mind rules over matter. This book is really relatable for teenagers and pre-teenagers with a really inspiring message. To buy this book, Click here

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