Thirteen Reasons Why By Jay Asher : Book Review

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Hannah Baker, a seventeen-year-old girl at Liberty High… dead. Clay Jensen
doesn’t know what to think when he finds out his crush killed herself. Two
weeks after the night Hannah dies, Clay finds a box on his front porch for
him. Inside the box, he finds tapes. There is no return address so he doesn’t
know who it is from, but he listens to the tapes anyway. While listening, he
finds out these tapes are from Hannah Baker, and anyone who got the box of
tapes, were responsible for her death. Clay spends all night listening to
Hannah’s story but he wonders if he did anything that might have made Hannah
kill herself. He is unsure if he wants to continue listening to them, but his
friend Tony, who somehow knows about the tapes, helps him listen to them. By
the end of the book, Clay knows what Hannah has been through, and pays
attention to others, to see if they might be going through a tough time as
Hannah did.

We enjoyed reading this novel by Jay Asher for many reasons. One of them was
that this novel helps us understand that there may be more to other people’s
lives than we know. It also tells us that anything can have an impact on
someone. Even the smallest things. I have learned to be cautious of what I
say or do in front of others from this book. Thirteen Reasons Why also shows
us the harsh reality of the world. Some schools have bullies, and it is up to
us to stand up to them. This novel from Jay Asher has taught me to stand up
for what is right, and do not listen to rumors. Rumors are rumors. You don’t
know if they’re true or not.

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