“The Shining Mountain” By Peter Boardman: Book Review

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The shining mountain by Peter Boardman is an enjoyable mountaineering literature.

A thoroughly captivating read about two people’s voyage up the west wall of Changabang in 1976 in the Himalayas . This book gives us insights of the planning and execution of a thrilling and death-defying mountaineering journey by two young climbers, Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker.

The brilliant writing of Peter Boardman is What makes it outstanding.

He is an English scholar as well as a mountaineer whose observations and descriptions of each experience, thought and human interaction, convey every variation of this trip perfectly to the reader.

The story is Well crafted but it is marinated in Privilege and self indulgence that you cannot really ignore. It was written in the ’70s,  he did have the decency to glancingly address the ridiculous nature of mountaineers paying huge amount of money to poor people so they can deliberately risk their lives to conquer a pretty rock.
The balance of mindfulness and obsession is interesting to see, pushing personal limits, and maintaining boundaries in an familiar 2-man climb.

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