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The Mind Game By Devika Das : Book review

The Mind Game By Devika Das : Book review
on Oct 19, 2021
The Mind Game By Devika Das

Written by Devika Das, The Mind Game is not the usual Self Help book that gives preaching and psychological verses. The book stands out because of its simple language that anyone can read in one- sitting. The book provides useful tips to conquer emotions and not be trapped by them - leads a healthy and better life. Devika Das discusses rational approaches that assist readers to master their emotions. Emotions make us human and they make human life real. It shows that you are not a robot. It’s okay to feel uncontrolled emotions when things don't work as you planned. Everything is capricious and we need to make concrete decisions to tackle dire situations. In today’s world, mastering emotions is far-reaching. However, this book covers several aspects like emotional intelligence, anger management, and many other things that play pivotal roles in everyone’s life that help to live a contented life. It is divided into multiple sections and makes it easy to clear all doubts linked to the brain, thinking, and mental health. The mind game sheds light on how one can increase their self-esteem and grow in their life. Through this book, Devika portrays psychological facts and theories in a simpler manner that is appreciable. The book is remarkable if you’d like to tackle mental health problems and conquer the deep-rooted demons. To buy this book, click here

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