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The Jungle Book By Rudyard Kipling: Book review

The Jungle Book By Rudyard Kipling: Book review
on Aug 11, 2021
The Jungle Book By Rudyard Kipling: Book review
A classic tale written by English short-story writer and poet Rudyard Kipling, ‘The Jungle Book’ is the perfect book to read out to your kids. The story begins on a warm evening in the Seonhee Hills, when a family of wolves discover a human baby at the mouth of a cave in a jungle of Central India. The young and naive baby who knows nothing about human society gets adopted by the father wolf. The man-cub is given the name Mowgli and gets raised by the wolves as if he were part of their family. With the help of his new found jungle friends, Mowgli commences his journey of learning about the law of the jungle. As he grows older, he gains strength and wisdom. The book takes you along for all of Mowgli’s adventures, while telling you about the way of life of the jungle. His experiences in the jungle and other anecdotes prepare you for Mowgli’s final fight against the fearful tiger Shere Khan, who was responsible for the demise of the man cub’s human family. Bagheera the wise old panther, Baloo the bear, Kaa the python, the vicious cobras Nag and Nagaina and Rikki-tikki-tavi the mongoose are just a few of the many amazing characters that you will find in this book.  The theme and story of the book is such that it immediately catches your interest. It’s a good read for children, as well as adults who wish to go down a trip to memory lane.  The Jungle Book transports you into a world of fantasy that will thoroughly entertain you.  To buy this book, click here

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