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The Da Vinci Code By Dan Brown: Book Review

The Da Vinci Code By Dan Brown: Book Review
on Aug 09, 2021
The Da Vinci Code By Dan Brown: Book Review
There is your truth and there is my truth... as for the universal truth it does not exist. The elderly curator of the museum has been mercilessly murdered in the Grand Gallery. American professor and symbologist Robert Langdon who is in paris for business summoned by the french police for a murder investigation. As he and a gifted french cryptologist. Sophie Neveu, sort through the weird riddles, they are shocked to find a trail that leads to Leonardo Da Vici's work and suggests the answer to an age - old mystery that stretches deep into the history. Unless and untill Langdon and Neveu can translate the labyrinthine code and quickly assemble the pieces to the puzzle, a stunning historical truth will be lost forever. It is all about mystery, the puzzles, the riddles, and the breakneck pacing. The Da Vinci Code is a controversial piece and an absolute page turner. The story has some interesting twists and unexpected events. Involving secret societies like knight Templars, Priory of Sion. To buy this book, click here

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