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The Braided River By Samrat Choudhury: Book Review

The Braided River By Samrat Choudhury: Book Review
on Jul 15, 2021
The Braided River By Samrat Choudhury: Book Review
The Brahmaputra is the largest river in India by some margin. It became the largest in Asia, after its convergence with the Ganga in Bangladesh. Author Samrat Choudhury In The Braided River, sets out to follow its braided course from the edge of Tibet where it enters India down to where it meets the Ganga at a spot marked by the most important red light district in Bangladesh. Along the way, he meets suspicious Indian spies, gets packed off on the rear of a cement truck by soldiers, visits a shelter home for baby rhino and elephant orphans in Kaziranga , and hops from river island meeting the locals to riverside town. The tales of those encounters boost a story that weaves within the history of the emergence of the border between India and China in Arunachal Pradesh, the formation of the Assamese identity -- a matter of great contemporary relevance due to the National Register of Citizens and therefore the refore the Citizenship (Amendment) Act -- and the ecological challenges posed by proposed dams. This book touches upon several controversial issues like environmental, military and political as it mixed travel, memoir and history with the present. If you are in the need of Reading something historical as well as controversial then it is a right book for you. To buy this book, Click here

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