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Rumors Of Spring By Farah Bashir: Book Review

Rumors Of Spring By Farah Bashir: Book Review
on Jul 20, 2021
Rumors Of Spring By Farah Bashir: Book Review
To expect change in the season in a month's time felt less like a reality but more like rumors of spring Rumors Of Spring is a tremendous book based on the horrific story of the author's youth spent in chaotic world of kashmir and ladakh . The heartbreaking story that still leave us shocked and terrified with horrific incidents while looking through the author's eyes. Author goes back to the days of teen love, exchanging love letters, from loosing the people you know to getting caught between a cross-fire, from a young girl going through her period pain to getting anxiety attacks, this book deals with real issues with honesty. This book is simply a masterpiece with simple language that will pierce your heart into many pieces. The simple acts of combing hair, opening windows or relieving oneself during the night were a haunting task to do in her youth. The Curfews had caused long lasting impact on people economically & physically as we know but the psychological disaster was unfathomable affecting the age old to the ones in womb. If you want to read a lifechanging book this year then rumors of spring should be the one. To Buy this Book, Click Here

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